Certified Laser Specialists

Our Certified Laser Specialists utilize the Quanta Q-Plus series laser with "square beam technology" that reduces overlap and provides you higher performances when compared to other Q-switched lasers on the market. Q-Plus C, also named Q-Plus T (Total) is the first and most powerful Q-switched laser platform which combines a Nd:Yag @ 1064 / 532 nm and a Ruby @ 694 nm: three wavelengths which, with the highest achievable fluencies, efficiently target all tattoo colours and pigmented lesions.

The OptiBeam handpieces deliver a squared flat-top laser beam on the skin. OptiBeam minimizes the overlap of pulses and improves results and safety. A Zimmer Cryo Skin Cooling System is used in conjuction to deliver cool air (up to -30°C) to your skin to help ease the process